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Good Vibes Group is a cluster of people doing the best for the society, based in Hong Kong, oriented to design strategies and to promote investment projects and business partnerships in Europe, South America, Middle East and West African countries.
Founded by
L P T L G, on the basis of responsibility, and innovation, creating partnerships with experienced members in areas such global trading, banking, international negotiation and business consulting.


The group is fully prepared for global standards in every regions.

Good Vibes Group invest in new opportunities, develops projects, elaborates dossiers of interest and establishes acquisition or investment operations in companies with growth and profitability potential in the target markets.
We are a Client and strategy oriented group, focused on relationship, acting with energy and independence on the field.

Their interests come first—always. 

We speak with the courage of our convictions. We have a responsibility to be the voice of the investor, and we represent each client fairly and equally. following the fundamental interests of each investment process.

"We believe in team work to make economic and social value in the long run, taking the benefits of progress and innovation to an ever increasing number of partnerships, customers and creating better life to people”. ​L P T L G

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