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  • For several years we have been helping our partners enter in the international market and specially to develop their brands in Asia


  • We offer 2 solutions for our clients


         •Distributor Matching - With distributors from our platforms        


         •E-commerce – Management of official e-commerce account


  • Along with these, our platforms has various additional solutions for brands, such as:


       •Social Media, Website Design, Event Planning and Warehousing



  • Over the years our platforms, together with the partnerships, has developed a network of distributors in different industries and regions of Asia


  • We have the ability to position your products in various sales channels by matching you with multiple distributors, 


  • Our platforms work directly with our distributors, communicating your message and intentions, in order to protect the integrity and reputation of your brand in Asia

  • Our platform provides distribution for:

    •Brands entering in Asian markets for the first time with market entry strategies


  • •Brands that are established in Asian Cities and seek to expand further through 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier cities


  • Giving voice to your brand in Asia from consumer report

  • Using the internet and mobile applications is the most effective method for building brand recognition with Asian consumer


  • Our platforms  can create solutions for many of these  channels such as:


         •Website Design   •Mobile   •Social Media


  • E-commerce


  • e-commerce platform developed for:

    •Targeting:  The mid to upper income Asian / Europe markets

    •Featuring:  High-quality lifestyle products

What We Do
Food & Specialized           Retail
Online Solutions
Our platforms provide official brand representation in International markets, mainly focus in Asia.
Our clients come from many industries including:
 •Luxury products •Food & Beverage •Fashion •Electronic •Health Care
  • Distributor                                                          

    Distribution and


    B2B matching

    Accounting and VAT

    Marketing materials design and production

  • E-commerce

    Website design and


    Social media management

    SEO and data analysis

    E-commerce platform support

    Mobile and app development

  • Other

    Event planning and


    HR & call center support

    Crisis management

    Official press communications

    Professional photography

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